Why Watch Netflix on TV? 5 Solid Reasons

Why Watch Netflix on TV? 5 Solid Reasons

Why watch Netflix on TV when you can catch all your favorite shows on your mobile devices? We give you five solid reasons.

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Despite the myriad electronic devices available today, it is the TV that continues to offer Netflix audiences the best viewing experience.

1) TV technology has improved leaps and bounds over the years

With the rise of Smart TVs and full-fledged home theatre systems, most families have the opportunity to enjoy cinema-like viewing experiences right in their living rooms.

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Buffering and poor video quality are now a thing of the past, and with Netflix Recommended TVs, you can even launch your favorite series with the simple click of a button. Some brands that carry Netflix Recommended TVs include Sony, Samsung, and LG.

Not only do these Smart TVs support Ultra HD 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) programming, they also are equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound (*whispers*: all around you).

2) The quality of content has also improved too

Netflix has a growing library of HDR content available for streaming. Not only will these programs look better on your television, but they’ll also sound better. Why watch season 2 of Stranger Things on a tiny screen when you can enjoy it in its full creative glory on the TV?

Other Netflix programs available in 4K/HDR/Surround 5.1 include Okja, Death Note, Glow, and the upcoming Marvel series, The Punisher. We caught a sneak preview of the first episode and seriously, it looks and sounds way better on the big screen.

3) It’s cheaper than cable television

The cheapest and most basic Singtel TV plan goes for S$23.90 a month, while Starhub’s package is priced at S$26.75. On the other hand, Netflix’s most basic subscription plan costs S$10.98. To enjoy Ultra HD programming, all you need to do is to top up an additional S$6.

With so many popular series, movies and documentaries available on Netflix, not only are you spoilt for choice, but it’s also cheaper on your wallet in the long run. Who doesn’t enjoy savings after all?

4) It brings people together

While being able to watch shows on smartphones and laptops is undeniably convenient, it can often be an isolated experience. After all, how many people can a small screen possibly accommodate?

Watching TV, on the other hand, brings people together. Remember how, in the not-so-distant past, people used to gather around the TV as a family? When was the last time you did that with your clan? How do you Netflix and chill with a date with one hand propping up your mobile phone?

Been tasked to organize your company’s next after-work get-together? You could suggest watching a Netflix show on the office TV. You’d be surprised how much lunchtime conversation could revolve around what happens next on everyone’s favorite TV series.

5) Nothing beats the experience of binge-watching on television

There’s nothing more comforting than binge-watching your favorite series in your pajamas, lying underneath a warm blanket with a soft pillow under your head. That experience is a million times better than having to hold your phone up to your face, or having an over-heated laptop resting on your thigh.

Select your favorite show, lie on a comfy couch or bed, have some snacks and drinks within reach, and you’re all set for your binge-fest.

Why watch Netflix on TV: What are some of your reasons? Leave a comment below. 

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