Off Szn: Yeezy Beluga 2.0 Resellers Take a Hit as the Shoe Gets Restocked

Off Szn: Yeezy Beluga 2.0 Resellers Take a Hit as the Shoe Gets Restocked

Yeezy Beluga resellers face hard times with the restock of the 2.0 happening today.

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The Yeezy Beluga 2.0 restocks today and sneaker resellers will take the biggest hit.

In recent years, sneakers have ben regarded as commodities and resellers study patterns of the supply and demand of shoes to make money. Sometimes, the profit margins can be ludicrous.

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This time, though, sneaker resellers are going to have a tough time flipping the Beluga 2.0. Firstly, it has set the record for being the Yeezy model with the highest quantity produced. Secondly, the Beluga 2.0, which was just released last Saturday, November 25, will be restocked across retail and online stores today.

A quick check on popular reseller app, Carousell, shows that the Yeezy Beluga 2.0 is being resold at S$600, a remarkably low price for resold Yeezys. The lowest ask is a measly S$450, just S$101 more than the retail price of S$349.

Yeezy Beluga resellers may continue to lower their prices as more pairs continue to enter the market after today’s restock. If there ever has been a time to lowball for Yeezys, now is it.

And things aren’t going to get better – not for this year at least. The next Yeezy drop, the Blue Tints, set for December 16, 2017, will probably not do well for resellers either. According to Yeezy Mafia, the Blue Tint Yeezys come in large quantities, placing it second only to the Beluga 2.0.

The resale market is here to stay

Like most businesses, reselling can be a hit or miss. But the practice has been around for some time, and where there’s money to be made, will continue to be part of the eco-system of the sneaker trade.

But some producers and retailers will not stand idly by as sneaker resellers continue to have a field day. Recently, KAWS issued a caveat that prohibits the reselling of the Black KAWS x Air Jordan 4 shoe. In April this year, Singapore sneaker retailer Limited Edt issued the Yeezy Cream Whites via a “no box, no receipt” method that was polarizing to say the least.

Should brands produce more shoes or continue to feed the hype with limited quantity releases? Let us have your thoughts in the comments below.

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