9 Reasons Why We Love Female DJs

Whoever said that female DJs can’t cut it ought to have their heads examined. Here are 9 reasons why the girls can hold their own on the stage and in the clubs.

1. Female DJs can inspire and empower


Music aside, female DJs are using their skills as a means to inspire other girls to be confident in all areas of their lives. Take for example Attagirl!, an all-girl music collective that has partnered six female artists to produce custom designed denim jackets that went on sale on Seamless earlier this week. All proceeds will go toward AG Home in Singapore, a place where troubled teenaged girls can seek shelter and care. All jackets have been snapped up with one piece remaining. Don’t wait any longer, get yours here.

2. They can nail down any vibe perfectly

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Sofklo (Singapore) has been putting out great work on the regular, keeping in line with the pastel goth-aesthetic she’s got going on. Listening to her work is like taking a trip down Tumblr Lane.

3. They’re versatile

Whether it’s bass, dubstep or even genres like reggae-dancehall, female DJs can do them all. Check out this mix from Japan’s Shioriybradshaw to see what we’re talking about.

4. They offer both eye and ear candy whenever they’re around

It’s hard to be distracted by anything else when your eyes are peeled and your ears tuned to the mixes that female DJs make.

5. They can be sweet or not, depending on how you behave

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Putting the “B” in “Badass”, female DJs are definitely not to be trifled with. But be nice to them and they may just be your BFF for life.

6. They score collaborations too

For instance, check out DJ SoSuperSam cozying it up with Childish Gambino. And of course, Sita Abellan getting a coveted spot in Rihanna’s music video:

7. They dress fresh, like, all the time

No plain tees or last season’s fashion staples. Female DJs know how to work the console area like a fashion runway and show off their hottest threads alongside their slickest moves.

8. They work the camera flawlessly

Just look at DJ Soda. For all her fans out there, you’d be glad to know that she’s coming down to Singapore on July 29th for A Bathing Ape Presents Sundown LIVE Party 2016 at Zouk Singapore. For more information, head over here.

9. And at the end of the day, they always have each other’s backs

support girls

It’s all about the camaraderie and sisterhood. Who better to exemplify this than the crew from ATTAGIRL!, Singapore’s all-female creative collective? Pop by their 3rd Anniversary Party (details here) and see for yourself why female DJs are all the rage.

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