Alien Covenant Hitting Screens Earlier Than Expected

Alien Covenant Hitting Screens Earlier Than Expected

Alien Covenant poster has been revealed.

The teaser poster revealed that sci-fi Thriller Alien: Covenant will be released earlier than expected.

Fans of the Ridley Scott Alien franchise have much to celebrate. A poster released by 20th Century Fox reveals the Prometheus sequel will hit movie screens in May 2017 instead of August 2017. The studio also treated fans to its first official look at the new Xenomorph.

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Alien: Covenant is the second chapter in the Prometheus trilogy. The sequel follows the crew of the new colony ship Covenant, that travels to a purported uncharted paradise. Upon arrival, they realize that it’s a dark, dangerous place, and its sole inhabitant is David, the only survivor of the doomed Prometheus crew.

With a new crew, comes a whole new cast. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Repace will be the only Alien franchise actors to appear in the film. Fassbender is said to be reprising the role of David, the android, while Repace stars once again as Dr Elizabeth Shaw.

No further information about Ridley Scott’s latest film have been released just yet, though some speculate that the trailer for Alien: Covenant will be released alongside Assassin’s Creed, hitting cinemas on December 22nd, just three days shy of Christmas.

Stay tuned, we’ll update with news on the exciting sci-fi thriller Alien: Covenant when we have more information.

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