Takashi Murakami’s Singapore exhibition also comes with a themed merch store
Events Published: January 22, 2018 Updated: January 29, 2018  |  WORDS: Staff   |  PHOTOS: Shafeeq M

Hot Shots: Moments from the Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018

AliwalUAF18 held last Saturday, January 20, drew a healthy crowd despite the rain.

Takashi Murakami’s Singapore exhibition also comes with a themed merch store
Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018 – the fifth edition – didn’t disappoint

People from all walks of life gathered to celebrate urban art in all its glorious forms at the Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018 organized by Aliwal Arts Centre.

The festival activities were well-rounded as they were well curated. Representing art, dance, music, skate and street football, the Aliwal Urban Art Festival served up a sumptuous treat for all those in attendance.

And the rain hardly put a damper on the evening. Yet more people turned up to the festival when the clouds had passed to bask in the moonlight. Relive Saturday night, or find out what you missed here.

1) Street art in abundance

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Street art was well represented at this year’s affair. If you had missed out on the festival, there’s still time to catch the M.A.T.A.S. (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday) exhibition by RSCLS and Ryf Zaini, which runs till February 11 at the Aliwal Arts Centre.

M.A.T.A.S. is a unique documentation of some of the most iconic graffiti pieces by Singaporean artists and its message about surveillance is equally powerful. Not to be missed.

2) Fast feet

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

The Street Football Challenge, held at the Aliwal Street carpark, was where participants could show off their best footwork in a panna court setting.

3) Way to ramp up the Firing Line

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Speaking of fancy footwork: skate enthusiasts – both pros and amateurs – braved the wet asphalt to wow the crowd with tricks.

4) Times WERE good

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Thankfully, no grammar errors from MC Eric throughout the evening.

5) FreekzyNutz turn up the freaking party

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

FreekzyNutz came down to boogie with the energetic crowd over at the Aliwal Street carpark. The atmosphere was freaking nuts, to say the least.

6) V for vocals

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Vandetta blessed the crowd with a stand-out performance led by some pretty powerful vocals.

7) “Close my eyes but I can’t escape this feeling…”

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

… of singing in public. Attendees took our Aliwal IN D’ KTV Tips and Tricks very seriously.

8) Van-tastic bar

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Partying can be a thirst-inducing affair, and these van-tastic bars were just the solution to the problem.

9) Leave Scrachmarcs to the killer moves

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Dance duo Srachmarcs were at the helm of the Aliwal Street carpark dance-down. Not much persuasion was required on their part to get participants to bust moves.

10) Intriguing to the senses

takashi murakami singapore, Straatosphere

Intriguant (Louis Quek) with his debut record Recluse in hand. The ten-track album, which dropped January 2017, features other acts including Charlie Lim and OmarKenobi.

What was your favorite AliwalUAF18 moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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