Get Straat Smart: Aliwal IN D’ KTV Tips and Tricks

Get Straat Smart: Aliwal IN D’ KTV Tips and Tricks

The 2018 Aliwal Urban Art Festival is the 5th installment of the annual art event. This year, the festival will introduce a karaoke segment called IN D’ KTV.


Photo Credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

But IN D’ KTV is not your regular karaoke. Its song book consists of 30 tracks by Singapore artists including Mean, Bakers in Space, Jasmine Sokko, Vandetta, and Sobs.

The full repertoire of songs that are part of the IN D’ KTV is available here.

The karaoke segment will be held on Saturday, January 20, at Aliwal Arts Centre. Participation is free and is held on a drop-in basis (registration is not required).

To prepare you for your live performance debut, we asked five of the musicians whose songs are featured in the IN D’ KTV playlist for tips and tricks to singing in public. Here’s what they say.

1) Mean 


Credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Tip: “If you make a mistake, be quick on your toes. Do not think about the mistake and move on.”

Aliwal IN D’ KTV track: “Trollin”

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Also known for: Being a part of the XS Collective, a Singapore-based hip-hop label. Noteworthy projects by collective include The Xypher, a series featuring live jam sessions by Singapore musicians.

Keep up with Mean on Instagram and Spotify. Also check out our previous write-up on “Trollin”.

2) Bakers in Space 


Credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Tip: “Give it all you’ve got. Be comfortable in front of the mirror, sing in the shower, dance in public.”

Aliwal IN D’ KTV track: “Mute”

Also known for: Being a cover band at Temasek Polytechnic. Also supposedly the first Singapore-based indie band to have an official VEVO account on YouTube.

Keep up with Bakers in Space on Instagram and Spotify.

3)  Sobs


Credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Tip: “Create a persona when you go up on stage. That way, you’ll leave feelings of shyness and anxiety behind you.”

Aliwal IN D’ KTV track: “Girl”

Also known for: Cole Slaw, a collaborative music project with vocalist Celine Lee and guitarist Jared Lim.

Keep up with Sobs on Instagram and Spotify.

4) Vandetta


Credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Tip: “A bulk of the work is practicing a lot so that you’re really skilled in your craft and confident onstage.”

Aliwal IN D’ KTV track: “Onz”

Also known for: Being part of Urban Xchange – Singapore’s first group to sign with Universal Singapore. Vandetta is also known for her work with pop group, Parking Lot Pimp.

Keep up with Vandetta on Instagram and Spotify.

5) Jasmine Sokko – “600 D”


Credit: Warren Tey

Tip: “If the song is too high for you, just transpose the key. If you can’t win the game, change the rules.”

Aliwal IN D’ KTV track: “600D”

Also known for: Collaborating with alt-R&B artist Slowdown on “Nomance”. The track was also remixed to feature music producer, Benau and rapper, Lanky Almighty. 

Keep up with Jasmine Sokko on Instagram and Spotify.

The 2018 Aliwal Urban Art Festival will be held on Saturday, January 20, at the Aliwal Arts Centre. The event runs from 5pm till late. Admission is free. Check out our First-Timer’s Guide to the #AliwalUAF18.

Featured image: Aliwal Arts Centre and Warren Tey

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