This 2-Hour “Breaking Bad” Fan Film Took 2 Years to Make

This 2-Hour “Breaking Bad” Fan Film Took 2 Years to Make

All 62 episodes of “Breaking Bad” condensed into two hours.

Breaking Bad

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Thank god for super-fans of “Breaking Bad”, Lucas Stoll and Gaylor Morestin, who have condensed 62 episodes of the series into a 2-hour movie.

Unlike other fan-films, this two-hour movie is not merely a compilation of the best moments of the series, but a “re-creation of a story”. An excerpt from their statement, written in French, on their website, is Google Translated to read as such:

Here, after two years of a mounting without falling asleep, our answer to this problem that we had posed; A subject of study that proved exciting.

So there is no question here of fan-film, which would bring together the best moments of the series, but rather of re-creation of a story to best serve the constraints implied by a feature film.

An alternative Breaking Bad, to watch with a new eye.

Thank you to all those who will be intrigued, conquered or disconcerted by this project, but who will have watched it objectively and until the very end!

For those who have forgotten: the original series is based on the story of Walter White, a high school teacher who was diagnosed with lung cancer and turns to producing and selling crystal meth for the sake of his family’s future. As expected, things get pretty messy.

Watch the movie below and tell us your thoughts.

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