FashionAI, an innovative store by GUESS and Alibaba gives customers a glimpse into the future of retail

FashionAI, an innovative store by GUESS and Alibaba gives customers a glimpse into the future of retail

The FashionAI store is located on the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The high tech store aims to revitalize the customer’s shopping experience using retail intellect from GUESS and Alibaba’s technology.

The FashionAI store currently stocks GUESS apparel and merchandise from other retailers on Taobao and Tmall.

According to the South China Morning Post, the technology comprises a mobile store check in as well as a smart mirror. Customers will be able to check into the store by scanning a mobile QR code. This also allows users to add items to their online cart directly.

Additionally, the stores are equipped with smart mirrors. When utilized, the mirrors will provide customers with styling suggestions and other options to complete their outfit. Furthermore, the smart mirrors located in fitting rooms allow customers to try on different articles of apparel and sizes without leaving the room.

Reports state that the futuristic retail store will be open to the public from July 5 to July 7. But there is talk that GUESS China plans to set up more high tech retail stores around the region in the near future. Although it is not known when the future stores will be launched.

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“It is important that we continuously invest in new technology and platforms. This entire project came together in just five months thanks to a strong partnership between our two companies. At GUESS, we believe in the need to innovate in real time. We plan to extend this project in the region as the future of retail,” said José Blanco, the CEO of Greater China for GUESS.

To date, retailers such as Zara, Nike, and Amazon have incorporated artificial technology into their retail stores in hopes of revitalizing the in-store shopping experience.

Watch the video embedded for more details on the futuristic retail experience.

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Featured image: South China Morning Press

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