4 things we learned from Tyler’s Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018 lookbook video

4 things we learned from Tyler’s Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018 lookbook video

Tyler the Creator dropped the Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018 lookbook video over the weekend and it is glorious.

Golf Wang’s new collection is a representation of how much the rapper has evolved throughout the years.

Tyler the Creator has been influential in the fashion and music scene ever since he blew up with his “Yonkers” music video. Marching to the beat of his own drum, you could say Tyler has always been the head of his own fashion movement. Chinos, Supreme t-shirts and snapbacks… the Odd Future collective set an unprecedented wave where it came to the way they dressed. But that was the Tyler of 2011 and it is now 2018.

In these seven years, Tyler has evolved as an artist, moving on to create his very own cartoon show (The Jellies) and even scoring the music for a movie (The Grinch). His style and fashion line, Golf Wang, have evolved too. The Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018 lookbook video, which has dropped just before the year ends, encapsulates the evolution of the rapper superbly. Here are four things we learned from the lookbook video, which by the way, stars one of Tyler’s good friends, ASAP Rocky.

1) Tyler is growing up

Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018

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Tyler the Creator is not what he used to be: a skater boy with a foul mouth, who happened to make awesome music. Tyler’s style evolution is most palpable in this latest collection where he goes from being a Supreme skater boy to an elegant, but no less edgy man.

This season, Tyler offers garments you would not expect from the 27-year-old owner of the brand. In the lookbook, Golf Wang shows how knit sweaters, cardigans, socks and sandals can pair effortlessly with pieces like chinos and his Golf Le Fleur line.

Tyler wears what he wants without succumbing to the pressure of hype. This change in style and design is a representation of how he has matured as a person. No more ignorant days in Ladera for Tyler.

2) Colorful is an understatement

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Tyler loves his colors – and this is a trait that goes back to when he was still rocking Supreme and Vans. This collection is no different. For the Golf Wang Autumn Winter 2018 collection, Tyler combines deep strong colors with muted earthy tones. What results is a collection that is suitable for all ages.

A particular favorite of ours is the knit sweater paired with his khaki trench, chinos and what looks like Dr Martens. The pink sweater stands out against the trench and is the main focal point.

3) Shoes. Like, a lot of shoes

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The rapper had a breakout year in terms of sneakers with the launch of his Golf Le Fleur collaboration with Converse. He launched multiple colourways of the One Star and even had a Chuck 70 in three colorways and, from the lookbook, it seems he is ramping up the releases. In the lookbook video alone, we have seen seven different silhouettes. Three from Converse, a cowboy boot, and a formal shoe. Not to mention his upcoming Suicoke collaboration.

Interestingly, the video previewed about nine new colorways and a brand new silhouette from the Converse and Tyler partnership. It looks like we will be two new Chuck 70 collaboration colorways – a black and a forest green. The One Star is coming in about seven new colorways; those that stood out are the black, white and green reptile skin pack, and a shiny silver pair. The new silhouette is something we have never seen from Converse before, but has this hiking boot/trek shoe built with slight Golf Le Fleur detailing on the medial side.

4) The devil’s in the details

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One thing that Tyler has improved on since his earlier collections has been the addition of accessories, and we’re not talking about just headwear or socks. Ever since he dropped Flower Boy LP and fans had the option of buying a matching bee necklace, Tyler has kept jewelry on lock for his drops after.

But Tyler isn’t just adding jewelry to the line-up for the sake of it. With an assortment of rings and multiple necklaces to choose from, it shows that Tyler is here to make a complete collection with pieces that complement each other. Even the socks have changed from standard crew socks to more eye-catching glittery socks with embroidered branding.

Tyler must have taken a page out of Supreme’s book with some of his accessories. From a Golf Wang bike to a few satchels, it seems Tyler has realized that eccentric accessories are the thing now.

Watch the Golf Autumn Winter 2018 video look book here and see if you spot anything else we missed.

What do you think of the Golf Autumn Winter 2018 lookbook? Are you a fan of Tyler the Creator? Let us know in the comments below.

All images: Screenshots from GOLF: Autumn/Winter 2018

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