Jonah Hill finally unveils his deconstructed take on the Adidas Superstar

Jonah Hill finally unveils his deconstructed take on the Adidas Superstar

The comedian-turned-director has been hinting at a collab with Adidas for a while now.

Jonah Hill x Adidas Lexcon on feet instagram

Update: May 12, 11:30 am (Singapore time) 
Thanks to @fitthemall_official, we have more images of the Jonah Hill x Adidas Superstar and a potential release date. The French sneaker Instagram page announced that the highly anticipated sneaker will drop on July 11. Check out the images below and stay tuned for more updates.

The Jonah Hill x Adidas Superstar fuses the actor’s love for the 90s with his raw edge, simplistic personal style.

This has been a long time coming. Since his guest appearance on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping, we have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the first sneaker to come from the Jonah Hill x Adidas collaboration. The day has finally come to take a peek at Jonah’s take on the Adidas Superstar.

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The Jonah Hill x Adidas Superstar exudes a rough, deconstructed vibe. Instead of the usual stitched-on three stripes, the sneaker comes with three embossed stripes on each side. The classic “Superstar” text is replaced with a version likely modeled after Jonah’s handwriting.

The heel tab adds to the deconstructed feel with its exposed, uneven stitching. The tab doesn’t lay flush with the rest of the upper, but rather, hangs off the top of the heel. Even the “JH” emblem on the heel tab feels like a handmade customization.

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All of these sit atop a cream midsole that is color-matched to the shell toe upfront. The shell toe doesn’t have the usual basketball-inspired grooves. Instead, it comes with a creased leather effect. To top off the 90s aesthetic, the sneakers will come with wide, white laces.

Overall, the Jonah Hill x Adidas Superstar is an interesting take on the retro sneaker, one that really embodies his raw, unique style. It’s this style that earned the director his cult icon status.

The sneaker is rumored to drop in Spring 2020 for US$140 (approx. S$202.59). It is also rumored that it will drop alongside two Adidas Sambas. Stay tuned for updates!

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