“F*ck Taylor Swift”, Say Kanye West’s Concert Fans in Nashville

“F*ck Taylor Swift”, Say Kanye West’s Concert Fans in Nashville

The feud is far from over. At Kanye West’s Nashville show, concertgoers made sure their displeasure towards pop sensation Taylor Swift was heard.

During the Nashville leg of the Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye West’s fans got riled up and made sure their hate toward Taylor Swift was heard.

“F*ck Taylor Swift” could be heard from the capacity crowd, as Kanye spewed the infamous lyrics to the song “Famous”. Yeezus even stopped the track midway through its intro lines, hyping up the crowd before singing from the top once again.

This is the latest development in the on-off feud between Kanye and Taylor, which first started in 2009 when he stole the mic from her at the VMAs to give a shoutout to Beyonce.

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In July this year, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian came to his rescue by posting a video which was damning proof that Taylor had verbally given her permission to have her name mentioned in the lyrics to “Famous”, despite her claiming otherwise.

The Taylor talk aside, Kanye took some time during the Nashville concert to give a speech to the audience. Much like how his segment on “The Ellen Show” made little sense, Kanye waxed lyrical about the mistakes he had made in life and played down the importance of money, saying that friends, family and time are the real luxuries.

Funny, if you consider how his adidas Yeezy Boost line is one of his biggest cash cows. It’s just another day in the life of the rich and famous.

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