New Nintendo SNES Classic Edition System Drops this September

New Nintendo SNES Classic Edition System Drops this September

The SNES Classic Edition System comes preloaded with 21 games.

Photo: Nintendo

The SNES Classic Edition System will be available from September 29, 2017.

The retro console will retail at US$79.99 (approx. S$111).

The SNES Classic Edition comes preloaded with 21 games including cult favorites like Super Mario World, Final Fantasy III, Street Fighter II, Earthbound, and an unreleased Starfox sequel.


Photo: Nintendo

The system also comes with two wired retro controllers for multiplayer gaming and a HDMI cable for high-definition televisions.

The original SNES console, which was launched in 1990, was one of the most successful gaming consoles made by Nintendo. It sold over 50 million units worldwide and it still remains popular among fans, collectors, and retro gamers.

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According to BBC, the SNES Classic Edition will be replacing the NES Classic, which was discontinued in early April 2017.

For more information on the SNES Classic Edition, please visit Nintendo’s website.

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