Over S$13 Million Worth of Fake Adidas, Nike, Vans Sneakers Seized in Philippines

Over S$13 Million Worth of Fake Adidas, Nike, Vans Sneakers Seized in Philippines

A Philippines counterfeit sneaker raid recovered hundreds of fake shoes stored in a warehouse.


The Philippines counterfeit sneaker raid seized over S$13 Million worth of fake goods

The surprise raid found counterfeit goods of brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans, to name a few.

According to The Manila Times, customs officers got wind of counterfeit goods being stored in the warehouse from a concerned citizen. The operation led to 500 million Philippines pesos (approx. S$13 million) worth of fake shoes, sandals, and non-branded watches being confiscated from ten warehouse units.

The fakes include Fitflop and Crocs sandals in addition to the fake Nike, Adidas, Vans and Under Armour shoes.

The goods seized reportedly came from China but no arrests were made as the warehouse owners were not around at the time.

China fake goods continue to dominate

According to the same report by The Manila Times, counterfeit activities cause P13.3 billion (approx. S$355 million) in lost revenue per year.

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Counterfeit factories take advantage of supplying the demand for hype releases like Yeezys and Nike x Off-White sneakers. In fact, counterfeit brand shops are commonplace in countries like China – check out five of the more prominent ones here.

Do you think authorities should continue to clamp down on the counterfeit  market? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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