Straat Your Stuff: Joshua Wong, the “Human Race God”

Joshua Wong is a sneaker enthusiast with a passion for collecting the Adidas PW Human Race NMD.

Joshua has been collecting sneakers for a few years now and has gathered a collection that he thinks could command about S$10,000 in sneaker resale value. And it all started with the Tangerine Adidas PW Human Race NMD.

The young “Human Race God” let us in on his sneaker collection, which includes five of six of the Human Race NMD V1 colorways (the OG Yellow is missing). It also includes the elusive and highly valued Billionaire Boys Club x Adidas PW Human Race NMD.

With possibly the biggest Adidas PW Human Race NMD collection in Singapore, Joshua’s knowledge of the sneaker is second to none. Need a legit check to authenticate a pair of Pharrell NMDs you’ve been wanting to buy? Look no further than the “Human Race God” himself.

Adidas PW Human Race

Joshua’s entire Adidas PW Human Race collection

But Joshua’s impressive line-up of sneakers doesn’t just stop at the Pharrell NMDs. Limited Adidas UltraBoost collabs with Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and Naked have also found a place in his shoe rack of grails.

Adidas PW Human Race NMD

The Adidas UltraBoost Hypebeast (left), Naked (middle) and Highsnobiety (right) collaborations

His quest to complete the collection

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Joshua is on the lookout for the OG Yellow colorway of the Human Race NMD V1 to complete the collection. But the most expensive colorway in the V1 collection won’t come cheap. The lowest ask is a whopping US$1,900 (approx. S$2,500), according to the popular reselling marketplace, StockX.

See more of Joshua’s collection, watch the interview (video embedded above) to also hear his views on the sneaker community in Singapore and why he has a soft spot for Adidas shoes.

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