A Streetwear Terminology Guide For Beginners: F&F, TTS, LPU, COP, BOGO

A Streetwear Terminology Guide For Beginners: F&F, TTS, LPU, COP, BOGO

Our streetwear terminology guide is a great starting point for those new to streetwear community threads.

Streetwear communities can be an intimidating and confusing place, especially for beginners. Our streetwear terminology guide will help guide you through some commonly used acronyms and terms.

F&F (Friends & Family)
F&F refers to releases that not available to the general public. If you’re not part of “Friends & Family”, you should probably forget about it. Even if you’re willing to pay a ridiculous price to snag a pair, you may not be able to find a willing seller.

An item you want so bad that’s impossible to get. Very rare stuff. Like hunting down a rare Pokemon.

A coveted and much-anticipated item produced in limited quantities despite high demand such as Yeezys.

TTS (True To Size)
Commonly used in discussion threads about sizing. While you’re at it, check out our streetwear sizing guide for Asians.

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A full-body outfit check. Always followed by popular streetwear hashtags.

Describing something that is incredibly amazing. Can usually be found in the comments section of an outfit photo.

The actual name of Palace Skateboards’ famous logo – an homage to its creator Fergus Purcell.

BOGO (Box Logo)
Bogo is an amalgamation of the words “box” and “logo”.  The term is most commonly used to describe Supreme’s famous box logo hoodies and tees.

Short for Fugazi.
1. Artificial, fake. Something that has no substance.
2. A really bad knockoff, a copy.

A proxy is a middleman who has access to streetwear drops that are difficult to obtain. A proxy could be someone who lives in a particular city that a streetwear item will be released in or someone who works in the retail store selling the item in question.

Something programming geeks came up with so you can cart multiple items of a limited release within seconds. Use at your own discretion.

ATC (Add To Cart) service
It’s a service you pay that adds a specific shoe to your cart automatically on release day. All you have to do is log in, check out and wait for your shoes to arrive.

The act of offering way below the item’s market value. Lowballers are cheapskates looking for a steal. You wouldn’t want to be that guy. If you encounter them, block them.

LC (Legit Check)
A process that prospective buyers look into when trying to authenticate a product before proceeding with the purchase. Common things to look out for when conducting a “legit check” is the comparison of tags, boxes of sneakers and product quality among others.

Cop means to get something.

LPU (Latest Pick Up)
Commonly found in streetwear discussion threads. For members to showcase their new hype purchases.

WTB/WTS/WTT (Want To Buy/Want To Sell/Want To Trade)
A commonly used term for streetwear-related transactions. Amid the noise of plenty other discussions being carried out concurrently, it’s an easy identifier for those looking to do business – either purchase, sell or trade.

Staying out all night outside a store for a limited release.

L/W (Lose/Win)
Commonly used for copping sneaker/apparel drops at retail prices. You almost always see people posting the letter “L” because, in this world of limited releases, there are more losers than winners.

Salt Thread
A dedicated thread for people to share their grievances at not being able to cop. It’s a support group just for people who didn’t get to buy clothes/sneakers.

Cozy Boy
Cozy Boy refers to outfits that are comfortable but while staying fashionable. Fear of God is a purveyor of Cozy Boy fits.

When someone has drip, they have an enviable sense of style and generally rock great fits.

Acronym for Greatest Of All Time, the label GOAT can be applied to the best sneakers, basketball players, rappers or even politicians. You can even use the goat emoji, 🐐, if you don’t want to type it out.

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