Smart meets street: Five ways to swag up smart casual with streetwear flair

Smart meets street: Five ways to swag up smart casual with streetwear flair

Bored with the traditional smart get-up? You’ve come to the right place for some streetwear style tips.

Streetwear Style Tips

Do away with the smart, clean-cut look and go over-the-top with our streetwear style tips.

Here’s how you can swag up your smart casual look.

The standard blazer, slim-fit or cropped trousers, and tonal holdall bag are safe options to look dapper effortlessly. In truth, safe options don’t really have a way of standing out in the crowd – especially in and around the style-savvy streetwear scene. But pulling out all the stops for your best ‘fit combination in true streetwear fashion isn’t all that hard. Here are five streetwear style tips you can add on to turn smart casual into a sophisticated yet refined overall look.

1) Accessories

streetwear styling tips accessories

Little things make a difference. That includes adding accessories.

Since your outfit’s all fabric, adding a bit of metal won’t hurt. While Instagram fashionistas have been on this “chains on chains” trend for a while now, you don’t really have to go heavy on this. A classy key lanyard or single wallet chain goes a long way to spruce up an otherwise accessory-less look.

Where to buy:

a) Asos Design chain detail leg harness – S$22.23
b) Reclaimed Vintage inspired pocket key chain – S$23.16
c) A.P.C. logo key lanyard – S$79
d) Off-White quote leather key chain – S$245

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2) Layers

streetwear style tips layers

Sportsmal? Formsports? or is it Smorts? No one said you can’t look smart in sportswear.

A turtle neck or knitted sweater underneath a blazer certainly has its way of elevating a look. Pulling a designer sweater over pressed white shirts have also been a trend in recent times. But have you ever imagined layering it up with a vintage-inspired sportswear jacket? You might want to give it a try. Besides, it seems like the 90s revival is here to stay.

Where to buy:

a) Asos Design parka jacket in neon green – S$74.11
b) Adidas Flamestrike woven track top – S$125
c) Nike x Clot A20 tracksuit – S$270
d) Balenciaga contrast panel logo-print jacket – S$1,905

3) Bags

Streetwear Style tips bags

Pick a bag that adds to your look, not just your storage space.

Often times, dressing smart takes a more conventional route on the bag choice – perhaps a hand-carry pouch or holdall to keep things simple. But people tend to forget that a bag is as much a part of the outfit than anything else. Why not literally make it one with your outfit? Strap it on and strut your look. You don’t know what you’ve been missing out on until you really go hands-free.

Where to buy:

a) Faux leather body harness with bag – S$37.05
b) M+rc Noir essential belt bag – S$129
c) 1017 Alyx 9SM mini chest rig – S$545
d) Balenciaga nylon belt bag – S$670

4) Headgear

Streetwear style tips hat

Sometimes, suave haircuts just will not cut it. Opt for the hat instead.

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect hair but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Plus, you can always top off anything bad with simply a hat. And for anything streetwear, there’s no need to fear the headgear.

Where to buy:

a) Asos Design pork pie hat – S$33.35
b) Y-3 signature nylon cap – S$95
c) Wacko Maria 6 panel cap – S$109
d) Acne Studios bucket hat – S$165

5) Sneakers

streetwear style tips sneaker

For some, an outfit is 90% the sneakers.

“I’ve always felt like shoes are 90% your outfit.” There’s no better person to quote than Eminem in this instance. Sure, the rap god may not be a fashion god, but it is the truth. Sneakers are no longer frowned upon when matched with smart trousers or dad jeans. However, the challenge is to match it up and match it up well. Here’s a pro-tip, you can’t go wrong with chunky silhouettes if you’re going for a loose, drapey get-up. A slimmer fit? Pick the streamlined sneakers, and you’ll look razor sharp from head to toe. Flashy colors? Always a yes.

Where to buy:

a) Nike x Atmos Air Max 2 Light – S$225
b) Y-3 Super Takusan trainers – S$370
c) New Balance 997 – S$395
d) Balenciaga speed trainers – S$865

What’s your best outfit combination from our streetwear style tips? List down the choices in the comments below.

Featured image: Instagram/@Johnnymarroni, @timasatt, @soy_raka

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