Your complete guide to styling gorpcore

The gorpcore trend has taken over the fashion world. Everyone from A$AP Rocky to Justin Bieber seems to be rocking the outdoors inspired style. But what exactly is it and more importantly, how do you dress gorpcore?

A selection of essentials when styling gorpcore.GOAT

You may have noticed people sporting outfits with more than enough pockets and ripstop for a camping trip headed for town. Well, that’s “gorpcore” for you. Read on for our complete guide to gorpcore, from its definition to how to style it.

What is gorpcore?

Gorpcore is a trend that focuses on utilitarian apparel and sneakers designed for adventures in the great outdoors, but now worn as fashion. 

“Gorp” is short for “good old raisins and peanuts,” a popular snack among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The key gorp tell is clothing or footwear that is functional – think cargo pants, fleece jackets, hiking boots and backpacks – items typically worn for hiking and camping but styled with streetwear sensibilities. 

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Gorpcore styling incorporates basics like plain t-shirts, hoodies and relaxed-fit jeans, drawing inspiration from normcore, another style which emphasizes simplicity, practicality and ordinary clothing. 

How to style gorpcore? 

– Volume is key: an oversized look is at the heart of every gorpcore outfit. The best gorpcore pieces often have a boxy cut, and the pants have a wide, but straight cut with no flares. The jackets have to be especially oversized, as they need to be big enough to layer over bulky undergarments.

– Layering: gorpcore has a very distinct approach to layering. Different colors and textures are used to create a visually-interesting effect. Many of the outfits start with a plain t-shirt as the base layer, layered with a flannel shirt, a fleece jacket, or a windbreaker on top.

– Practical footwear: sturdy and comfortable sneakers are essential for gorpcore outfits. Hiking boots and trail running sneakers, such as the Hoka Mafate Speed 4, go well with the look while providing comfort and functionality.

Gorpcore brands to look out for

When looking at gorpcore fits, it’s hard to miss the prevalence of certain key brands like The North Face, Stone Island, Salomon and Asics – each one considered the go-to brand for styling any good gorpcore outfit. 

Gorpcore apparel brands to try

The North Face is a popular brand among gorpcore enthusiasts for their fleece tops, backpacks and most importantly, their iconic puffer jacket aka Nuptse Jacket. They have even gained the attention of streetwear brands, having collaborated with Supreme

Another notable brand is Stone Island. Their jackets and parkas are also popular gorpcore go-tos for their style and functional details such as multiple pockets, adjustable hoods and waterproofing elements. 

Gorpcore sneaker brands to try

For kicks, Salomon’s high-performance outdoor sneakers, such as their trail running and hiking models, are loved among those styling gorpcore. The French outdoor brand is known for creating footwear with bold, rugged designs that incorporate advanced technologies. Similarly, Asics’ running and trail running shoes are a favorite for their focus on cushioning and comfort, which caters to Gorpcore fans’ focus on functionality and practicality. 

Did this gorpcore guide make you want to embrace the style? Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving adventure or simply aiming to embody that adventurous spirit, we’ve got the ultimate collection of gorpcore essentials for you, curated specially with style, practicality and functionality in mind. Discover our selection below!

An essential when styling gorpcore, the Supreme x The North Face Printed Pocket Tee 'Black'.

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An essential when styling gorpcore, the Cactus Jack x Nike Vest 'Velvet Brown'.

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An essential when styling gorpcore, The North Face RMST Mountain Pants 'Black'.

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An essential when styling gorpcore, the Pleasures Tidy Hiking Pant 'Black'.

Pleasures Tidy Hiking Pant ‘Black’
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An essential when styling gorpcore, the Salomon XT-6 GORE-TEX 'Black'.

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An essential when styling gorpcore, the Mafate Speed 4 'Thyme Fiesta'.

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An essential when styling gorpcore, the ASICS Trabuco Max 2 'Black Golden Yellow'.

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