Supreme box logo: Some of the most valuable designs ever made

Supreme box logo: Some of the most valuable designs ever made

Few designs have made such a huge cultural impact on streetwear as the revered Supreme box logo.

Supreme box logo history most valuable designs

Just what is the novelty? Scarcity, undoubtedly. Here, we’re zooming in on some of the most valuable box logo designs in history.

Nobody could’ve predicted Supreme’s rise from a humble Lafayette street store to a global powerhouse brand. But there’s no denying how the Supreme box logo (or, “bogo”) phenomenon has shaped the landscape of streetwear today.

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Supreme has released the box logo in plenty of variations ranging from collaborations, exclusive releases, and samples since the first red box logo offering in 1994. Other than the presence of the box logo, all of them have one other thing in common: they’re hard to get – at retail, that is. Some are rarer than others, and these are almost impossible to find. There’s a reason why diehard Supreme fans are sometimes referred to as “collectors”.

Here are some of the most valuable Supreme box logo designs ever released into the market.

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Supreme box logo WTAPS collab tee 1998 history most valuable designs

Supreme x WTAPS box logo tee (1998)
Value: ~ US$10,000 on Grailed

This Supreme x WTAPS box logo from 1998 is as rare as it comes and very little is known about the collaboration. Even long-time followers of Supreme have not seen too many of these around. You might come across a few pieces online, but they certainly don’t come cheap.

Supreme box logo x bape camo tee 1998 history most valuable designs

Supreme x Bape box logo tee (1998)
Value: ~ US$2,000 on Grailed

In 1998, two of the coolest streetwear brands at the time teamed up by merging their iconic designs. This collaboration birthed 15 different camo-infused box logo colorways with Supreme’s logo script in white. While some of the 15 aren’t hard to find, many of the box logo designs are going for a pretty hefty sum.

Supreme box logo Mowab tee 2014 history most valuable designs

Supreme “Mo Wax” box logo tee (2014)
Value: ~ US$4,000 on Grailed

Supreme released a special box logo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mo Wax, the record label founded by James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy back in 2014. Only 50 pieces were made available to guests at the Saatchi Gallery in London, where Lavelle opened the “Build and Destroy” exhibition. This absolutely screams scarcity. Any serious Supreme collector would have had their eye on these.

Supreme box logo x Takashi Murakami tee covid-19 relief 2020 history most valuable designs

Supreme x Takashi Murakami Covid-19 relief (2020)
Value: ~ US$1,000 on Stockx

This might not be one of the prized box logo tees ever made, but it’s a testament to Supreme’s massive influence. The brand roped in another one of streetwear’s influential figures, Takashi Murakami, for a benefit box logo tee in support of youths and families facing homelessness during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Japanese artist’s iconic smiling flowers slapped with Supreme’s bold branding is enough to drive a streetwear fan to committing an act of goodwill.

Supreme box logo purple on white tee 2012 three 6 mafia history most valuable designs

Supreme purple on white box logo tee (2012)
Value: ~ US$5,000 on Grailed

Three 6 Mafia was the subject of Supreme’s photo tee back in 2012. As part of the shoot, members of the group donned a purple box logo tee that was never released to the public. With only a small number of these ever made, you won’t find many in circulation. If you do, trust that it won’t come cheap.

Supreme box logo louis vuitton tee 2000 history most valuable designs

Supreme “Vuitton” monogram box logo tee (2000)
Value: ~ US$3,000 on Grailed

The rip-off design that came full circle and was released as an official design in 2017 when Supreme officially collaborated with Louis Vuitton. It has to be up there as one of the most iconic designs which marks a historic moment in fashion, when luxury and streetwear were on an equal playing field.

Supreme box logo anniversary tee 2014 history most valuable designs

Supreme anniversary tee (2014)
Value: ~ US$3,000 on Stockx

Something super special had to be done for Supreme’s 20th anniversary and it couldn’t have been better than the re-release the original Supreme red box logo tee – the first box logo offering when the brand opened its doors on SoHo’s Lafayette street in April 1994.

Supreme box logo sopranos tee 1999 history most valuable designs

Supreme “Sopranos” box logo tee (1999)
Value: ~ US$4,000 on Grailed

Design inspiration for the box logo has come from many places. But the The Sopranos inspired box logo tee is among the most iconic. It features just a simple tweak to the script logo, yet its rarity and homage to an iconic American mafia themed drama series renders this a true collector’s item.

Supreme box logo hebrew tee 2004 history most valuable designs

Supreme “Hebrew” box logo tee (2004)
Value: ~ US$3,000 on Grailed

A piece that’s over 15 years old will always be hard to find and even more expensive to own. Where it comes to this Supreme box logo tee, it’s certainly well worth its value. The design marked the opening of Supreme’s second only location in the USA on Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. The brand paid tribute to the historically Jewish neighborhood by replacing Supreme script logo with Hebrew text.

Supreme box logo patagonia tee 1998 history most valuable designs

Supreme “Patagonia” box logo tee (1998)
Value: Anyone’s guess

Supreme’s play on the Patagonia logo back in 1998 was never released. Rumor has it that only four samples were ever produced – one piece for each size. How much would you pay to own this mythical piece?

What’s the one Supreme box logo you’d want in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: Instagram/@sup.collector

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