Tokubetsu Na Mono’s V7 cycling jersey is here to give the perfect ride

Tokubetsu Na Mono’s V7 cycling jersey is here to give the perfect ride

With design at its core, Tokubetsu Na Mono creates a cycling collection that perfectly combines function and aesthetics.

The V7 collection is titled Printemps-Été, which translates to spring-summer in French.

The V7 cycling collection consists of a bib and jersey made with eco-friendly fabric technology. Also, the construction of the pieces pays special attention to the needs of the everyday cyclist.

Tokubetsu Na Mono, which roughly translates to ‘special objects’ in Japanese, is an independent cycling gear brand that was launched in 2015. The brand prides itself on quality, creating kits only in made-to-order quantities. Since its inception, it has dropped seven different cycling jerseys, with its latest one just released on May 12. The jersey in this collection, titled V7 Printemps-Été, sports a sleek black design featuring various minimalist graphics.

The graphics are purposefully placed to create the illusion of different ‘viewpoints’ from different angles. These graphics include their signature Japanese script logo as well as the collection name, “Printemps-Été 2019”, in large print on the back.

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Appearance aside, the brand pays great attention to functionality. The V7 cycling jersey is made from quality Italian fabrics that provide the right balance of comfort and grip. The well-fitted low collar also reduces the risks of chafing that may occur during long rides.

If you are not a cycling enthusiast, the brand offers other goods to suit your daily needs. These include t-shirts, dad caps, bags and many more. Get the V7 collection and these other items on their web store today. The V7 jersey is priced at S$110 while the bib is S$140.

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All images: Tokubetsu Na Mono

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