Top 10 Pickups of 2015: Haikal Bakar

As we welcome the New Year, Straatosphere’s founder, Haikal Bakar, looks back at his top 10 pickups of 2015. 

A.P.C. New Standard Jeans


I had worn and trashed many pairs of selvedge denim from other brands before I finally picked up a pair of the A.P.C. New Standard Jeans. Raw denim isn’t exactly the most comfortable piece of garment to be wearing in tropical weather, but I won’t deny that I’ve suffered for fashion many times before. Surprisingly though, these were really easy to break into. I’ve worn these almost every single day for about ten months now – a crotch blow-out and a completely tattered inner pocket lining are testaments to that.

Against Lab Pocket Tee


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Against Lab was started this year by my homies Shawn and Chern from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Of the collection, the Navy tee stood out for the way it looks simple at first glance but is really pretty damn detailed. I mean, that scoop hem cut is refreshing as heck. The thoughtful designers from Against Lab even included a mini pocket on the tee sleeve so that the wearer can discretely carry weed/cigarettes/condoms. The best part? Against Lab will be retaining this signature fit for future collections. Look out for it on our webstore in time to come. 

the POOL aoyama Tote Bag


My go-to bag for 2015. It’s a perfect sized carrier that carries alll my work essentials. Ever since its introduction in 2014, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s the POOL aaoyama has been delivering pretty solid stuff, including numerous collaboration pieces. Sadly, this brand is soon to be defunct in April 2016.

Dior Homme Eau De Toilette


This is one unique men’s fragrance that isn’t so heavy handed with the musk, and even contains notes of the iris flower. I’ve gotten compliments for the scent, so that’s how I know it was a great buy. My only regret is that it took me this long to discover this Dior classic. 

fragment design x Converse CONS CTAS Pro


I was initially hesitant about these, especially when I thought about how the thick padded tongue would look on-feet. But these are insanely comfortable and as with most canvas shoes, appropriate for many occasions. Copped the navy ones first, but ended up also buying the shoes in the other two main colors. Having done so settles the typical sneakerhead “What to wear today?” problem; now I only have to concern myself with the other four days of the week.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case


When these launched a month ago, Apple was kind enough to send some through. I was skeptical at first because I’ve used some pretty shitty juice packs in my day, but the Smart Battery Case really overturned my cynicism. While the technology isn’t revolutionary and the Case definitely adds a lot more weight and thickness to the iPhone, this accessory which is acts as both protection for the phone and an additional source of power has become an essential for me. It’s practically akin to walking around with two phones in a day, which is great for guys who are constantly on the go. 

T-Minus by The Ink&Clog


A well documented photo journal, T-Minus was launched at the couple’s first solo exhibition earlier this month. The book features works from the duo since 2012 including “Missing Home When You Are On The Road”, a piece created for Straatosphere’s Volume 1. Ink&Clog are some of the most talented and hardworking Singapore artists I know, and I couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve achieved.

adidas Ultra Boost


A no-brainer for the list. adidas killed it this year and a bulk of its victory can be credited to the Boost technology. These are easily the most comfortable and sexiest pair of sneakers to-date. Though they retail in Singapore for S$289, these are the kinda shoes you won’t have to think twice about before splurging once you put them on. 

Stussy x Porter Wallet


I’ve always been fussy about wallets, which also explains why I decided to retire my previous CDG wallet only after four years. I got this on my recent trip to Stussy Kuala Lumpur. Porter has never failed to deliver on functionality and quality.

Butterfly “Timo Boll Spirit” Table Tennis Bat


My top pickups for 2015 didn’t just revolve around streetwear and sneakers. I bought my first Nerf gun but that’s a story for another time. My recent obsession with table tennis deserves special mention on the list. I’ve always been into sports, mainly soccer (or football), until I suffered a horrible knee injury two years ago. I’ve stepped away from contact sports ever since, so imagine my euphoria when I found that same kind of intensity and competitiveness in table tennis. Not gonna lie, sneaker shopping took a backseat this year after I channeled my attention to table tennis equipment.


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