Porn Site xHamster Offers to Produce Sense8 Season 3

Porn Site xHamster Offers to Produce Sense8 Season 3

On paper, xHamster and Sense8 seem like the perfect match.


xHamster offers to produce season 3 of “Sense8”

xHamster has reached out to the Wachowskis offering to produce the third season of Sense8 after it was canceled by Netflix.

xHamster VP Alex Hawkins wrote a blog post addressed to Lana and Lilly Wachowski to plead their case.

“xHamster is currently one of the most trafficked websites on the internet,” wrote Hawkins. “We get more visitors daily than the New York Times, ESPN or the Daily Mail. In short, we have the eyeballs and the revenue.”

“Unlike with Netflix, you wouldn’t be competing for part of our production budget –it would be yours,” he added.

Despite gaining a cult following, Netflix decided to cancel the series due to its high production costs. Each episode costs an average of US$9 million to produce, reports CNET.

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Additionally, Hawkins also went on to explain that Sense8 is “a series about polymorphous perversity”, and that unlike the mainstream Netflix, the adult site has “no such limitation” and it understands the “interconnectedness of sexualities across boundaries”.

The xHamster VP ends his post by inviting the Wachowskis to a meeting to discuss the opportunity of working together.

With the ball firmly in the Wachowskis’ court, only time will tell if Lana and Lilly are willing to give Sense 8 the happy ending it deserves.

What do you think? Should the Wachowskis’ take up the porn site’s offer?

You can read the full blog post below:

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