Chunky Yeezy Restocks Loom Closer Starting with the Yeezy BOOST 700

The Yeezy BOOST 700 will see a wider release slated for this Saturday, March 10.

Kanye West’s chunky dad sneaker has received fairly mixed reactions since its first release. But given the reverence Yeezys has had in the world of sneakers in recent years, these could well sellout – even at the second time of asking.

The Yeezy BOOST 700 – or simply known as “Yeezy Wave Runner” –  surprised fans as a result of an abrupt and obviously limited release in August last year on Yeezy Supply. Seeing how the sneaker has gained traction in recent months with a slew of celebrities publicly rocking the sneaker, the restock is probably timely.

The sneaker itself is certainly unique and there’s nothing like a full-length BOOST midsole for the cool dads of the world (Kanye included). The only downside is perhaps the price point which is a shocking $300 (approx. S$394).

But if you missed out on the first drop and are looking to ride on the chunky sneaker wave, the Yeezy Boost 700 will be available online this Saturday, March 10, on Adidas and Yeezy Supply.

Speaking of a restock, Kanye’s latest chunky invention, the Yeezy 500 in Super Moon Yellow, will also be releasing globally soon – albeit a little later in May 2018. It’s certainly looking like a good year to shop for shoes.

Which chunky sneaker would you pick up? The Yeezy BOOST 700 or 500? Let us know your choice in the comments below.

Source: Yeezy Mafia

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