5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: The Seoul Fashion Festival Edit

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: The Seoul Fashion Festival Edit

Seoul Fashion Festival held October 15th and 16th will make its debut on the weekend before the start of Seoul Fashion Week (October 17th to 22nd). It’s where music meets fashion, and fans can expect a crazy line-up of artistes, celebrity models and designers all in the same area.

Straat in Seoul

1) Ligrye, “Let’s Make It Hot”

Lindsay Gary Ryklief has been making waves in Seoul’s clubbing scene. You haven’t had the full Cakeshop experience without catching one of his sets. Part of Pute Deluxe!, a crew by DJs Julian Quintart and Yann Cavaille, he’s part of the team behind curating the hottest parties Seoul city can offer. With a repertoire that spans deep house, bass and tropical beats, you’ll be sure to have a good time with him around. He also takes pictures in his downtime, preferring to use film over digital. Check out his work here and remember to turn up for his set if you’re headed to Seoul Fashion Festival this weekend.

2) DJ Wegun, “Overnight Chill Mix”

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From being part of big-name labels like AOMG to underground crews like Buckwilds and Fresh Avenue, DJ Wegun has mastered the art of switching between vibes from rooftop party to full-on music festivals so smoothly you won’t even notice. Check out his mix above, a 40-minute session that perfectly sets the stage for spending the night with boo.

3) Kingmck, “Faded”

Not to be known simply as boyfriend to Christina Paik, Kingmck (real name Minchan Kim) has been a known name in underground circles, mostly for having full creative control over his sets – right down to the visuals. As one of the resident DJs at Cakeshop, he played a large role in exemplifying Seoul’s gritty underground vibe. His style is a fusion of everything from hip hop to house. This has earned him gigs across the world, including New York, Berlin, Tokyo and most recently, Singapore at Cherry Discotheque. With a capsule collection with Virgil Abloh to his name, it seems the fashion industry has also given Kingmck its nod of approval. Check out this trap-heavy mix and bow down.

4) Peggy Gou, “Six O Six”

Berlin-based Peggy Gou is no stranger to the music industry – playing hyped sets and having good looks never hurt anyone. Watch her feature in the latest Tommy Hilfiger campaign alongside Gigi Hadid here. She’s also been a hit at the previous Seoul Fashion Week, with a live set during Nohant’s show. Check out Peggy’s track above: A percussion-heavy house production that even features her counting in Korean.

5) BeWhy, “Day Day (ft. Jay Park)”

Getting placed first in the popular rap battle show “Show Me The Money” is no easy feat, and BeWhy fully deserved the win. We could spend hours waxing lyrical about his talents, but this video of him starting off one of his best performances ever while rapping and playing the piano at the same time is enough proof of everything good about BeWhy.


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