Remembering Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton: 5 Iconic Moments with Jones at the Helm

Remembering Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton: 5 Iconic Moments with Jones at the Helm

Kim Jones has left his role as Louis Vuitton’s artistic director and will head to Dior to assume the title of menswear artistic director.

Here are some iconic moments from Louis Vuitton with Kim Jones at the helm.

1) Zayn Malik at Louis Vuitton Spring 2016

Chins wagged when the somewhat elusive singer Zayn Malik showed up to the Louis Vuitton Spring show in 2016 decked in LV gear. Headlines were made as people did more than ‘pillow talk’ about Malik’s unexpected appearance.

2) Drake x Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

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In June 2017, Drake released the song “Signs” which was inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2018 collection. The song was released at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Men’s Show in Paris and served as part of the soundtrack for the fashion show. Listen to “Signs” here.

3) Fragment Design x Louis Vuitton

Before Supreme x Louis Vuitton, there was the Fragment Design x Louis Vuitton collaboration. Released in April 2017, the Fragment Design x Louis Vuitton collection consisted of a selection of leather goods, apparel as well as shoes and accessories decked in a black monogrammed colorway.

4) Supreme x Louis Vuitton

The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration was one of the most controversial things to happen in fashion last year. The collaboration offered a range of street-to-meeting-ready accessories and apparel. Naturally, where it comes to such highly sought after collections, not everyone goes home happy. Read our coverage on the Singapore drop, which included a couple of sob stories.

5) Kim Jones’ final show

Jones’ final Louis Vuitton show in January this year earned a standing ovation for being fun and accessible. Despite focusing on menswear, the show put seasoned models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss on the runway. Top-tier guests including Virgil Abloh and the Beckham family, who all showed up to celebrate Jones’ last hurrah at LV. Campbell told Vogue, “[Jones] has made [menswear] accessible, and broadened it, and it’s great.”

What are some of your favorite Louis Vuitton moments from Kim Jones’ tenure? Let us know in the comments section below!

Featured image: Louis Vuitton 

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