8 Malaysian Streetwear Brands to Check Out

Malaysian streetwear brands you should stock up on.


Againstlab, OBSCR, and FUTUREMADE Studio exhibited their latest collection at SneakerLah 2017

Need help navigating your way through Malaysian streetwear brands? Here are 8 labels that have caught our eye.

1) Stoned & Co 


Stoned & Co is an independent streetwear brand founded by three graphic designers who aim to create minimally designed outfits with bold messaging. The label carries a slew of products ranging from apparel to stationery featuring the brand’s Japanese maple leaf logo.

In June this year, the streetwear brand soared to new heights after American hip-hop trio Migos were spotted on stage in Stoned & Co’s t-shirts and tracksuits.

Shop Stoned & Co online here or visit the brand’s Facebook page.

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2) Pestle & Mortar 


Pestle & Mortar is a Kuala Lumpur based streetwear brand founded by Hugh Koh, Arnold Loh, and Arthur Loh.

The brand produces streetwear staples such as graphic printed tees, outerwear and accessories including hats. The brand’s most recent claim to fame? A collaboration with Los Angeles based brand, The Hundreds.

Shop Pestle & Mortar online here or visit its Instagram page.

3) AgainstLab


AgainstLab is a contemporary fashion label co-founded by Malaysian graffiti artist Cloakwork and Shawn Tan. AgainstLab products vary from collection to collection, however most of its products are made with the minimalist in mind. Think clean lines, thoughtful slogans, and discreet patches.

AgainstLab previously released a collaboration with menswear label Shuren Projects. Another of its noteworthy projects is its “MK-II” limited edition resin sculpture.

Shop AgainstLab online here or visit its Facebook page.



FUTUREMADE STUDIO is a fashion label founded by Tunway, also known as Xiaopihai on YouTube. Tunway is also part of the SneakerLah organizing team.

FUTUREMADE creates outfits for both men and women in styles that range from minimalist attire to streetwear inspired gear. Its noragi jackets are worth checking out.

The label was recently featured in FGUK magazine, a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine based in London. Additionally, FUTUREMADE also has a brick and mortar store in Shanghai.

Shop FUTUREMADE STUDIO online here or visit its Facebook page.



OBSCR is a label that aims to create high-quality sportswear and contemporary garments. Much of its line of athleisure products feature the use of muted colors and timeless designs that will take you from the gym to the streets without much fuss.

Products available include outerwear and t-shirts as well as unique accessories such as a buckle cap.

Shop OBSCR online here or visit its Facebook page.

6) Nerd Unit


Nerd Unit (a.k.a. No One Ever Really Dies) is a Malaysian brand that was founded in San Francisco, America. The streetwear brand carries a range of military-inspired clothing often crafted with premium 3M reflective fabric.

The label, founded in 2012, is now stocked at 17 retailers worldwide. Nerd Unit has been a part of the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, the brand also released a collaboration with Malaysian singer Ismail Izzani.

Shop Nerd Unit online here or visit its Facebook page.

7) Supercrew 


Supercrew is a streetwear brand inspired by all things positive, with an aim to unleash positive energy. Established in 2013, the label creates that gear that comes in either black or white.

Shop Supercrew online here or visit is Instagram page.

8) Idleido


Idleido is a fashion brand that draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetic as well as Japanese philosophy. This is immediately clear through the label’s modern Japanese designs that include the use of Kanji.

Idleido products include bottoms, long sleeved t-shirts, and outerwear that’s friendly for humid weather.

Shop Idleido online here or visit its Instagram page.

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