Recap: Sole Superior Pop Up at Zouk’s Flea & Easy

Couldn’t make it to the Sole Superior Pop Up last Sunday or aching to relive the event? Here’s what went down. 

By Vincent Teoh
Photos by Haq Anuar

On Sunday, March 30th, Sole Superior, Singapore’s premier sneaker and streetwear convention, held a pop-up event at Zouk’s Phuture. Retailers, resellers, designers, collectors and enthusiasts were all invited to buy, sell and trade their apparel and footwear heat.

Unlike the first Sole Superior held in November 2013, which was a full-scale, streetwear-only, sneaker convention style event, the Sole Superior Pop Up followed a flea market format. Held in conjunction with Zouk’s Flea & Easy and Zoukdisco, the event drew a crowd of not only sneakerheads, but also general members of the public and even kids.


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Not that the change in format deterred sellers. Local independent streetwear brands Holten Co., Brainlezz Apparel and first time participants Suave Clothing Co. were also present to showcase and promote their street culture-inspired clothing.

In fact, Suave chose to present a pre-release of its Volume 2 Collection at the Pop Up. Suave designs are influenced by the LA lifestyle and the work of artists such as Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol.


“The Pop Up is good exposure for us. We get to know people, other local brands, and make more friends. We love to get involved in the streetwear scene in Singapore,” said Ogy M. Fauzy, founder of Suave.

Prominent sneaker collectors like Rashid Rahman, Danial Mok, Daniel Tan and Sherman Khoo took up booths too. For the right price, they were willing to part ways with sneakers from their massive collections.


So what’s next for Sole Superior? We asked Dexter Tan, co-organizer of Sole Superior, who said, “We are dead set on doing one this year. Watch out year-end, we’re going to do it bigger and better than last year. Expect a bigger venue, more brands, and bigger brand displays.”

We’re excited already!

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