Sneaker Cleaning Tips from Singapore’s Biggest Sneaker Collectors

Sneaker Cleaning Tips from Singapore’s Biggest Sneaker Collectors

Sneaker cleaning services letting you down? We ask some of Singapore’s biggest sneaker collectors to share their sneaker cleaning tips.

Agus Tan


“Usually I keep all my sneakers in their original box with a ziplock bag unsealed to keep it clear of dust and dirt. I use different kinds of sneaker cleaners from ReDeadstock to Jason Markk for different kinds of materials on the sneakers. 

There are also different kinds of brushes and methods I use so as to not damage certain fragile surfaces such as suede and nubuck, which stain easily.  

Most importantly, you need to know the type of material you’re cleaning. For some shoes, using water is a no-no and for some, foam cleaners are more than enough. And importantly, you need to be gentle and patient, sometimes rubbing hard will not do the job, you’ll need to repeat certain processes more than once to achieve the results. 

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I usually air my sneakers overnight after I’ve worn them to make sure they are rid of any moisture and I’ll clean them the next day, especially the midsoles and slight dirt caused by abrasions. The cleaner you keep them they longer they can last.”

Check out Agus’ sneaker collection of which half consists of Nike SB shoes.

Dennis Lee


“I wipe the midsole area of my shoe after each wear. Following that, I spray some cleaning solution if the dirt is stubborn. I let the shoes air for two days before putting them back in their box.”

See Dennis’ massive Diadora collection.

Joel Tan

Straat Your Stuff: Joel Tan

“Let me share this little cheap and effective way of whitening or cleaning an adidas Boost sole. First, wet the boost area that has turned yellowish. Next, use whitening toothpaste with a hard-tip toothbrush to “massage” the area till you see the paste turn a little bit yellowish. Leave it to dry for about 30mins. Rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

Other than the above technique, I use Jason Markk cleaning kit for simple cleaning of my other sneakers. It’s also a good idea to treat your sneakers with two layers of Jason Markk Repel Water Repellent Spray before the first wear – this helps to keep your sneakers looking clean you’ll worry less about constant sneaker cleaning.”

Check out Joel’s massive sneaker and G-SHOCK collection.

Jon Timbre


“I’m not actually too OCD about my sneakers. But when I get home, if I’m not feeling lazy, I try to use wet wipes on my sneakers. Specifically just the midsole and bottom area. After that, I let them dry and then store them back in their boxes with as little dirt on them as possible. 

Sneakers that are too dirty for wet wipes to get rid of, I usually use a bit of Jason Markk or Clyde to get rid of dirt/stains on the midsoles/soles. I always want sneakers with white soles to be clean, so that’s when I use these sneaker cleaners.

For suede pairs, before using any product on them, I will usually try to brush them with a suede brush first. If the dirt/stain still doesn’t come off, I will try using a suede eraser on them lightly. I would be careful when using Jason Markk on suede, as I’ve realized it sometimes leaves a purple tint, particularly on suede shoes.” 

Check out Jon’s collection of custom and off-the-shelves sneakers.

Kenny Goh

Straat Your Stuff: Kenny Goh “After wearing my sneakers, I let them air for at least two days. After that, I wipe the soles with wet wipes to remove the dirt and grime. I then leave them to air dry again before they are kept back in the sneaker box – I keep all the original boxes. 

As for storage, I have a metal shelving to keep all my shoes with several dehumidifiers placed around the shelf. My room curtain and windows are always closed to reduce humidity and moisture from ‘attacking’ the shoes.

I do have individual packets of Jason Markk and an array of leather cleaning products such as suede brush, cleaning kit, cloth, protective spray, but I’ve never used any of these yet. They’re all on standby in case of emergency, though.”

Peep Kenny’s PUMA-intensive collection.

Luan Ordas


I use dirt and water repellent on my sneakers before wearing them out, unless it is made of materials that are not compatible with such treatments. After wear or at least within the same week of wear, I try to clean my shoes with shoe cleansing kits from more well-known brands. After cleaning and airing out my shoes, I put them back in the box. I do not leave them out in the open for too long to avoid dust settling in.” 

Check out Luan’s sick ASICS Tiger collection here.

Muhammad Fahim

Straat Your Stuff: Muhammad Fahim

“I use Clyde sneaker cleaner to clean my shoes – it’s a better alternative to Jason Markk ’cause it looks more like a lotion, so you can see how much you use to clean your sneakers. I normally air-dry my shoes for like two days before doing the cleaning and then I stuff it real well to remove creases. I sometimes even steam off the creases.”

Gawk at Fahim’s Supreme collection.

Nadhirah Mok


“I usually use suitable cleaning accessories ( brush and solution ) for the type of material of the shoe. Jason markk usually works wonders. Always removing dirt before it stains the shoe. Or just a quick wipe down after using the shoe. To keeping it fresh and clean. Never too much excessive pressure to prevent from damaging the shoes. Protection spray before going out to prevent bad weather stains or any spillage & dirt.”

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