DriveTribe is a New Social Media Community for Car Lovers

DriveTribe is a New Social Media Community for Car Lovers

The original Top Gear and The Grand Tour trio — Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May — have just launched DriveTribe, their new social media platform that’s got to do with, what else, cars.

DriveTribe combines Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter into one for car lovers out there.

DriveTribe is the new online motoring community created by the trio who used to host Top Gear. The premise is simple: Users will get to follow six different tribes (i.e. blogs) which will give them access to various car-related information.

Drivetribe user manual

Users can customize and follow different tribes anytime to change the information they receive. The website will also feature videos, articles and other exclusive interactive media related to automobiles.

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Have something in mind? Feel free to post it or raise other car-worthy issues, much like what you’d do on Reddit.

The website is currently seeking more celebrities, like Ewan McGregor, to join and pitch their very own tribes.

Check out DriveTribe here.

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